I graduated from Nagoya University in Foreign Studies, finished the Doctorate Course on International Culture and Science.

Obtained Kimono senior instructor license from the Minzokuishou Fukyuu Association.
Member of the association of kimono “Minzokuishou culture Fukyuu Kyoukai ” since 2012
Engaged in the kimono performance show on stage in 2014 and 2015.
Performed Japanese dance with bomboo in summer kimono at an City Center Hall in Wyoming State in 1989.

Obtained tea instructor license from the Omotesenke’s School of tea ceremony.
Engaged in a New Years tea ceremony held at the Uraku-en, which is a National heritage tea house in Inuyama City in 2011.
Member of the Omotesenke’s tea Group and Minzokuishou association.

I worked as a French teacher at several high schools and a language schools in Japan for over 14 years.